Executive Search, and Talent Acquisition

  • Understanding clients need accurately and their organization culture.
  • Building the proper job description, and the necessary competencies.
  • The ability to attract and select the potential candidates.
  • Providing a professional hiring experience for our clients.
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Human Resources Consultation

  • Participating in building human resources strategies that examine the current situation and identify proposals for improvements.
  • Supporting all human resources activities, by reviewing and advising on human resources policies and HR processes in all business sectors.
  • Ensuring the optimal use of the human resource and considering it as a capital must develop and retain.
  • Providing the organizational units’ managers with the operational advice for human resources if necessary.
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Plan & Manage succession planning Program

  • Identifying the most important career paths.
  • Identifying the skills and competencies needed for the target career path.
  • Identifying and evaluating the targeted staff through the necessary career competencies.
  • Developing and implementing the succession program according to a specific timetable.
  • Assessing the effectiveness and added value for the succession program, and updating it periodically.
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Human Resources Audit

  • Ensuring compliance and correspondence with the internal regulations and procedures as well as the governmental legislations.
  • Ensuring that best practices are introduced, and that the competitive advantage of the company is improved by attracting and retaining the talented employees.
  • Ensuring that there is a clear strategy for human resources management activities that is systematically approached by continuous improvement.
  • The possibility of auditing a particular human resource activity and providing corrective advice for such activity, such as recruitment or performance evaluation.
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Performance Management

  • Activating the performance management role as an engine to raise employee performance.
  • Ensuring that employee’s performance and the overall business are aligned in achieving the expected goals.
  • Confirming that performance evaluation programs aim to develop the human element and the added value they offer to increase performance efficiency.
  • Carrying the spirit of competition among teams’ members away by honoring the hard working and motivating the others to improve their performance.
  • Linking the financial benefits and returns for those who deserve by proven evidence.
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Job Analysis & Job Description

  • Studying the nature of the activities then the business model and organizational structure.
  • Analyzing jobs in different and appropriate methods to reach their components and value factors.
  • Ensuring that analysis is effective and relatively to duties and responsibilities, and appropriate for job design and objectives.
  • Creating effective job descriptions that establish performance indicators for those who occupy them.
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HR Focused Training

  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.
  • Jobs from analysis up to evaluation, including classification and job descriptions.
  • Performance Management Process.
  • Team building (experimental training).
  • Time Management.
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